Upload That Beard!

Let the world see that beautiful ugly mug of yours. Once uploaded, that flawless beard will be on this site after being approved. If you would like to advertise on this site Contact Us.

What is it?

Prove your manliness! Take the challenge, or just grow that waterfall of virility. Then upload your picture to be placed on the website.

What is the challenge?

9 Months of Manhood™. Do you have a child on the way, or waiting for those adoption papers to be finalized? Well now you can grow a beard representing the birth/adoption of your child, and have an excuse to grow a Merlin. You will test your might against itchiness and hair eating. Who cares if you look like a castaway or a homeless person for a little while, right? You're a barbarian anyways, and everyone knows it! Once you have overcome the 9 months, upload that beauty to this website with your newborn/s in the picture, so the world can see all that is man!


- to keep this site growing, and so awesome Beardifier merch can be made for those that complete the challenge.



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